Eurocell Vertical Sliders

Offer your customers the best of both worlds with vertical sliders. This style offers the traditional appearance of a vertical slider, but with all the low-maintenance and high-performance benefits of a modern PVCu system.

vertical sash windows

Authentic look PVCu windows for a true timber alternative

Vertical sliders are designed in-line with the original timber windows of yesteryear. Traditional features such as decorative sash horns, Georgian bars and classic colour options create an authentic look window reminiscent of the original sash windows found in Victorian and Georgian properties.

The style of our VS windows replicates timber, but without the common problems associated with this material such as maintenance, draughts and security issues. A modern PVCu system improves energy efficiency and security, with a tilt-in sash facility allowing for even easier cleaning for the end-user.

Vertical sliders are available with an authentic run-through sash horn, further enhancing the traditional aesthetics. The run-through horn is perfect for windows being installed in conservation areas, or when the customer requires a period look.

vertical sash windows

Traditional style, modern performance vertical sliders

  • Authentic look PVCu vertical sliders with all the benefits of a modern PVCu system
  • Appeal to homeowners at the higher end of the lucrative PVCu heritage market
  • Traditional features include sash horns, traditional style hardware, and Georgian bars
  • Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain colour options
  • Removes common original timber window problems such as draughts and security issues
  • Low-maintenance, high performance PVCu system ideal for heritage and more modern properties


Vertical sliders are available in a range of different styles to suit your customers’ preferences when replacing their windows. These include standard vertical sliders, vertical sliders with centre bars, and vertical sliders with Georgian or half Georgian bar detailing for an even more authentic appearance.


Traditional sash windows were always painted white, and we can offer vertical sliders to mimic this. Alternatively we offer other colours such as White Ash, Cream and Cream Woodgrain as well as Golden Oak, Rosewood and Irish Oak, which give the appearance of natural timber.


Vertical sliders offer increased strength and security over original timber sash windows. A range of traditional style brass hardware maintains the classic aesthetics of this style, whilst modern locking mechanisms help protect the frame from being broken into via lock tampering or through sheer force.


Warwick North West manufactures energy efficient PVCu vertical sliders and supplies these to local installers and builders. Our windows use energy efficient double glazing to improve the thermal insulation of a property, meaning they can replace original single glazed windows to upgrade performance without sacrificing traditional aesthetics.